Aesthetic Edit Using Polarr Photo Editor M5 Preset

Polarr Photo Editor Presets Man on the Hill

Polarr Photo Editor is one the rising photo editor that gives users bucketloads of different functionalities.

One of the best thing I can do with Polarr is that I can edit aesthetic photos.

I can adjust a few things so that it looks how I perceived it to be.

And in this article, I will show how you too can edit aesthetic photos using Polarr Photo Editor.

Polarr Aesthetic Filters

To begin with,

1. Open your desired photo in the Polarr app.

Polarr Welcome Screen

2. Toggle to the ‘Filters’ tab and find the ‘90’s Modern Film’ and choose the M5 preset.

Polarr Photo Editor Filters

The M5 preset serves as our base filter to edit aesthetic photos.

You can choose different presents under this section but for the sake of this tutorial, let’s use the M5 preset.

Now we can start making adjustments to the picture.


  • Temperature – 25
  • Vibrance – 50
  • Saturation – 25
Polarr Photo Editor Color


  • Exposure – 30
  • Brightness – 30
  • Contrast – -25
  • Highlights – -20
  • Shadows – 45
  • Whites – -55
Polarr Photo Editor Light


  • Clarity – 20
  • Sharpen – 19
Polarr Photo Editor Light Detail


Under HSL, click the ‘orange hue’ and set the ‘Luminance’ to -50.

Polarr Photo Editor HSL

You’re done!

Now you can save your newly edited photo.

Polarr Photo Editor Presets

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