11 Best Video Editing Apps Every Vloggers Should Try in 2020

Want to edit stunning videos for your vlog?

Then this 11 video editing apps may help you standout in your social media channels.

In this article, I’ve compiled 11 best video editing apps that every vlog-aspirants should try.

1. Video Editor for YouTube and Video Maker – My Movie

Video Editor for YouTube & Video Maker My Movie

This video lets you create and edit your videos at ease.

You can simply insert a clip and start making the magic. This help you to minimize your time of editing videos especially for your vlog content.

These app has different options to make your video the best professionally edited video.

The best thing about this app is you can change your background in a simple, easy way.

2. VLLO – Easy Video and Vlog Editing App

VLLO is equipped with all the features you need when it comes to vlog editing.

There are different options to choose from like video zoom in and out, mirroring, and rotation effects that will make your video look professional.

They also feature copyright-free music and sound effects that you can use for free without infringing.

3. Quik – Free Video Editor

Quik Free Video Editor For Photos Clips Music

As the name goes, Quik Free Video Editor lets you create your videos quickly!

You can transition to your clips and photos that looks like magic.

They have different themes to choose from depending on the mood of your video.

Just like VLLO, they also have a library of free-to-use music to hype up your videos.

4. Vlog Editor for Vlogger & Video Editor Free – VlogU

Vlog Editor for Vlogger and Video Editor Free VlogU

If you are a complete beginner to video editing, then you should try this app first.

Vlog Editor for Vlogger is a great app to know the basic about video editing.

They also have different functionalities if your game to upgrade your video editing skills.

5. Video Maker for YouTube – Video.Guru

Video Maker for YouTube Video Guru

Video Maker Video EditorVideo.Guru is definitely crafted for YouTube.

It is an all-in-one video editing app with powerful features like video slow motion, cropping without losing video quality and so much more.

The best feature that this app has to offer is its capability to export 4K videos, perfect for your YouTube videos.

6. PowerDirector – Video Editor App, Best Video Maker

If you’re an adventure buff and love to multitask, this app suits for you.

PowerDirector is one of the most downloaded video editing app in Google Play Store because of its powerful features.

This app lets you export videos in 4K resolution, speed adjustment, video stabilizer, chroma key, and so many more.

This also has a drag and drop feature where you can edit your videos in real time.

PowerDirector has a premium version where you can use hundreds of different functionalities when you purchase the paid version.

7. VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow

VN Video Editor Maker is best for startups and for professional video editors.

There are no technical skills required when you use this app.

This app lets you create great videos just like you’re using a desktop application.

8. Video Editor – Glitch Video Effects

Video Editor Glitch Video Effects

This app is best for aesthetic and vintage buffs out there.

It allows you to add distortions to your video like adding glitch effects, retro filters, and vaporwave effects.

Glitch Video Effects is perfectly made for people who wanted to look their creation taken back from the 90’s.

9. InShot – Video Editor & Video Maker

InShot Video Editor is the most downloaded video editing app in Google Play Store with over 100+ million installs.

They have the best features that is perfectly crafted for your vlogging needs.

This app lets you edit and create stunning videos while you’re on the go.

10. Tempo – Music Video Maker with Effects

Tempo Music Video Editor Maker with Effects

Fuel up your creativity using Tempo Music Video Maker.

As the name itself, it lets you add stylish effects to your clips just like from the music video of your favorite artists.

This is similar to Glitch Video Effects but more intuitive, and more functional.

11. Kinemaster – Video Editor, Video Maker

Kinemaster is one of the most popular video editing app that’s downloaded over million times.

This has tons of different features to choose from that lets you create great videos for your vlog.

You can easily share your video directly to your social media channels through the Kinemaster app.