10 Best Bing Aurora Borealis Quiz

Aurora Borealis is one of the top visited destinations in the world due its stunning attraction.

Answer this Bing Aurora Borealis Quiz and get amazed by its unheard facts that will stun you.

Bing Aurora Borealis Quiz
Bing Aurora Borealis Quiz

Bing Aurora Borealis Quiz


  1. How far can the northern lights extend?
  2. How fast the light can travel?
  3. How high can the light reach?
  4. What does the solar wind consist?
  5. What deflects the solar wind towards the poles?
  6. What happens when it enters the earth’s atmosphere?
  7. What two factors influence the colors of the Aurora Borealis?
  8. Who discovered what really caused the Aurora Borealis?
  9. Who named the Aurora Borealis?
  10. Why did he choose that name for the northern lights?


  1. It can extend up to a thousand miles.
  2. The solar wind can travel up to 600 miles a second.
  3. 500 miles
  4. Ions
  5. The earth’s magnetic field deflects the ions towards the north and south poles.
  6. When they enter the earth’s atmosphere they collide with molecules of atmospheric gas.
  7. Altitude and Atmospheric Gas
  8. Kristian Birkeland, 20th century Norwegian physicist
  9. Pierre Gassendi, a French scientist
  10. He named the lights after Aurora, the goddess of the dawn and Boreas, the god of the north wind.