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Bing Desert Quiz
Bing Deserts Quiz Trivia and Answers

Test your knowledge of geography with this Bing Deserts Quiz. How far your knowledge of deserts will take you with Bing Deserts Quiz.

Bing Deserts Quiz


  1. According to NASA, which desert is the driest in the world?
  2. All of the world’s deserts fit into one of four official climate types. Which of these is NOT one of those types?
  3. Can you name the desert often called ‘the only desert in mainland Europe’?
  4. Can you guess how hot the Arabian Desert can get?
  5. In which African region would you find the Kalahari Desert?
  6. In which US state would you NOT find part of the Mojave Desert?
  7. Is Antarctica technically classed as a desert?
  8. North America has four major deserts, including Mojave, Chihuahuan and Sonoran. Can you remember the fourth?
  9. The Gobi Desert spreads across two Asian countries. Which are they?
  10. There is a famous desert in Uzbekistan, beginning with the letter ‘K’. Can you remember its name?
  11. What exactly classifies a region as a desert?
  12. Where would you find the White Desert?
  13. Which desert in the biggest (by area) in the world?
  14. Which desert can be found across the north of Africa?
  15. What’s the largest hot desert in North America?

Answers (Bing Deserts Quiz)

  1. Atacama
  2. Arid
  3. Tabernas, Spain
  4. Closest to 55°C
  5. Southern
  6. Texas
  7. Yes
  8. Great Basin
  9. Mongolia and China
  10. Kyzylkum
  11. A ‘barren area where little precipitation occurs or vegetation can grow’
  12. Egypt
  13. Sahara Desert
  14. Sahara
  15. Chihuahuan
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