30 Bing Halloween Quiz Questions You Can’t Solve

Halloween Bing Quiz
Halloween 2020

Halloween is a tradition that one cannot pass through. Most of us celebrate this day to whose Halloween costume looks creepy and whose bucket has the most sweets inside.

But for some people, this day is a commemoration for the loved ones that passed away. A day to remember and for prayer.

But Halloween may not be the same as usual this year. With the continuous spread of COVID-19, it may seem impossible to do trick-or-treating.

This doesn’t mean that we had to shop our annual Halloween celebration. Of course, we can still celebrate Halloween at the comfort our own home.

If you haven’t setup your home yet for the Halloween to come, here’s a compilation of the best indoor Halloween decors you can have at home.

But if you don’t want to spend a single penny, you can try this Bing Halloween Quizzes.

Just in case it’s your first time to hear this, it’s basically how Bing commemorates this day by making quizzes and trivia all about Halloween.

So, can you pass this Bing Halloween quiz?

Let’s see how good is your stock knowledge or how reliable your gut-feel is with these Halloween quizzes.

Here’s our first part of the Bing Halloween Quiz:

bing halloween quiz part 1
Bing Halloween Quiz Part 1

Bing Halloween Quiz


  1. By what name is midnight also known? 
  2. Count Dracula is based on a real person from history—what was his name? 
  3. Hallowe’en was first celebrated by who? 
  4. Lambs wool was once a popular Hallowe’en drink made of milk and crushed, roasted what? 
  5. List the signs that someone’s a werewolf.
  6. Name Anne Rice’s famous blond, French vampire. 
  7. Name the country over which Vlad Dracula once ruled, which still considers him a national hero. 
  8. On which date does Hallowe’en fall? 
  9. Shakespeare’s three witches from Macbeth were also known as what? 
  10. Some people claim to be real vampires: true or false? 
  11. The Celts believed that the lord of the dead travelled the earth on Hallowe’en. What was his name? 
  12. What do pumpkins grow on—stalks, trees, vines or bushes? 
  13. What does the old English word “Hallow” mean? 
  14. What is a group of witches called? 
  15. What is the other, traditional name for a broomstick? 
  16. What is the title of a witch’s pet cat or toad? 
  17. What is the traditional name for a pumpkin with a face carved into it, when it is illuminated from within by a candle? 
  18. What is the traditional name for Herne the Hunter’s shrieking band of witches, goblins and ghosts who ride through the skies on Hallowe’en? 
  19. What is the word Hallowe’en an abbreviation of? 
  20. What was Dr. Frankenstein’s first name? 
  21. What were Jack O’Lanterns carved from before pumpkins were used? 
  22. What would you traditionally bob for at Hallowe’en parties? 
  23. When were Hallowe’en greetings cards first made—1600s, 1700s, 1800s or 1900s? 
  24. Where did bobbing for apples originate? 
  25. Where do real vampire bats live? 
  26. Which song was a 1973 hit for Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers? (Lyric clue: It was a graveyard smash.)
  27. Who wrote the novel “Dracula”? 
  28. Who wrote the novel “Frankenstein”? 
  29. Who wrote the novel called “The Witching Hour”? 
  30. Why did the tradition of fancy dress for Hallowe’en begin? 


  1. The witching hour
  2. Vlad Dracula, a prince also nicknamed Vlad Tepes or Vlad the Impaler
  3. Druids
  4. Apples
  5. Their eyebrows meet in the middle; they have hairy palms and/or a long middle finger; they turn hairy in the moonlight.
  6. Lestat de Lioncourt
  7. Romania
  8. October 31st
  9. The Weird Sisters
  10. True
  11. Samana or Herne the Hunter
  12. Vines
  13. Saint
  14. A coven
  15. A besom
  16. A familiar
  17. Jack O’ Lantern
  18. The Wild Hunt
  19. All Hallow’s Eve
  20. Victor
  21. Turnips
  22. Apples
  23. 1900s
  24. Ancient Rome
  25. North and South America
  26. “Monster Mash”
  27. Bram Stoker
  28. Mary Shelley
  29. Anne Rice
  30. So that when evil spirits see you, they’ll think you’re one of them and leave you alone.

So, how many correct answers do you have? Did you made a perfect a score? Or you’re just scrolling back and forth to see the answer?

Stay tuned for the nest part of the Bing Halloween Quiz.

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