Super Easy Guide to Bing Homepage Quiz

Bing, for a fact, is the second most popular search engine in the world next to of course, Google. Though it’s the second most-used search engine giant, this doesn’t mean that Bing has to end its reign.

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Bing Homepage Quiz Easy Guide and How-To’s

According to ComScore, Bing and Yahoo dominates 33.6 percent of all searches performed in desktop across the US. This only means that Bing still has a slice of the market share.

Bing continues to improve the platform every single now and then. Bing did great when it comes to having an interactive platform where users can easily play around.

Yes, I’m talking the Bing Homepage Quiz!

How Bing Homepage Quiz Started

Bing Homepage Quiz started way back in 2016. They feature random questions that are related to what’s happening to a certain are. If Superbowl would have happen today, you can expect a short quiz in the Bing Homepage Quiz section.

Bing aims to provide a great user-experience in their platform. By having great user-experience, the more and longer people will stay on the platform.

How to Play Bing Homepage Quiz

Playing Bing Homepage Quiz is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Simply hover on to Bing, or go directly to Bing Homepage Quiz. Once you’re on the page, click on Homepage Quiz right below the Trivia and Quizzes. Click your preferred quiz and you will be asked with 3 questions. Answer the question based on what you knew. If you made it all correct, you win the quiz.

The results will show right after you finished the quiz. You can also share it to your social media channels and invite your friends to play.

You can still explore many quizzes on the homepage tiles.

Anyone Can Play Bing Homepage Quiz

Anyone is eligible to play Bing Homepage Quiz. Whether you’re a middle schooler, an undergrad, or even a grandparent can play Bing Homepage Quiz.

You can select certain categories based on what you like. You can choose between history, arts, science and so much more.

There are so many options to choose from in Bing Homepage Quiz that’re tailored based on your preference.

Win Rewards by Playing Bing Homepage Quiz

Did you know that you can earn rewards by simply playing Bing Homepage Quiz?

Yes, you heard it right!

Bing is the only search engine that reward users by simply using the platform. They also reward you when you use Bing as default browser and search something using Bing.

Amazing right?

The points that you will generate by simply answering questions from Bing Homepage Quiz, will be used to purchased anything inside the Microsoft store.

Just always make sure you answer all the quizzes correctly.


Bing Homepage Quiz is very helpful for those who wants to learn something new or to those who simple want to have fun. The good side of using it is that you will enhance your general knowledge skills that will introduce you to new things. And of course, those rewards.

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