How to Change Microsoft Office Background in Word

how to change office background feature

How to Change Office Background in Word

Not so long ago, Microsoft Office launches the new interface for their applications – the Office Backgrounds!

They’re the simple, cute little graphics you can see at the top right side of your screen when you open any Microsoft Office apps.

If you want to know how to change it, simply follow the steps provided below.

Change Office Background in Account

  • Launch any Microsoft Office apps.
  • At the welcome screen, you can find the ‘Account’ option below.
  • Click ‘Account’, then you can find ‘Office Backgrounds’ under ‘Account Privacy’
  • Now you can choose any background you like.

Change Office Background in Options

  • Launch Microsoft Office applications
  • You will find the ‘Options’ at the bottom of the welcome screen.
  • Click ‘Options’, then you will be prompted with ‘Word Options’ dialogue box.
  • In the ‘Word Options’ dialogue box, hover on to ‘General’ tab.
  • In ‘General’ tab, you can find the ‘Personalize your copy of Microsoft’ Office section then change the office background you like.

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