19 Super Creative Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas

christmas bullet journal ideas
19 Best Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner. While we’re all advised to stay at home, it seems like our celebration is quiet limited.

It is the tradition of some folks to have a vacation while holiday season approaches, whether you like it or not, for your own good you HAVE to cancel your trip.

The world isn’t completely COVID-19 FREE!

While we’re all staying indoors this Christmas, you might want to consider organizing your plans for the holidays to keep you efficient this festive season.

And the best way to it is by bullet journaling!

In this post, I compiled 19 Best and Creative Christmas Bullet Journal Ideas that will inspire you to make your own.

So here they are.

The Citrusy-Vibe BuJo

christmas bullet journal
Passionately-crafted by bullet_journallingg

I really love this Christmas bullet journal front page idea because if its citrusy-vibes. This is the best bullet journal to jot down all the Christmas recipes that you want to serve this holiday.

Dotted Christmas Planner

christmas planner
Passionately-crafted by barbarahaegerart

This Christmas journal idea helps you plan out what to do and what to cook prior to the merry day. You can schedule things like going safely to grocery stores to join the holiday rush.

Wreath-Themed December Calendar

christmas reindeer bullet journal
Passionately-crafted by thejournalsbear

This creative December 2020 monthly calendar design is a steal-worthy idea for bullet journal buffs. Every element on this page is a total highlight – from the wreath and the Christmas balls that hangs to it, the cute sitting reindeer, and the sparkling days of the week are phenomenon.

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Cozy December Calendar

cozy christmas journal
Passionately-made by savannahfscribbles

When I saw this picture, it instantly pops in to my head the smell of the freshly-brewed coffee, the smell of the journal’s pages, and the cold winter snow outside.

This journal has lots of chic elements to it that makes it so pleasing to see.

Christmas Bucket list

chrsitmas bucket list
Passionately-crafted by rosiexcarter91

This Christmas bullet journal bucket list is so simple but it is loaded with different holiday activities that are truly fun-filled. From watching cheesy Christmas movies that never go old to putting up holiday decors. This is a guarantee that you will never bore this holiday season.

North Pole Snow Globe and This Cute Reindeer

christmas planners bujo
Passionately-crafted by rosiexcarter91

This nostalgic north pole snow globe and cute decor-tangled reindeer is a total steal-worthy for your Christmas bullet journal ideas. This design is so easy to make. Just be sure not to go wrong with the reindeer. It’s too cute to be ruined!

Christmas Ball Doodle

december bullet journal christmas ball
Passionately-crafted by ms.doodledesign

This Christmas bullet journal design justifies the old saying, “simple and elegant“. The glitters and sparkles compliment with each other as well as the quote. This is also a great design to send out as holiday greetings to your dearest friends.

Christmas Weekly Spread

reindeer bullet journal
Passionately-crafted by ms.doodledesign

We know that a week before Christmas is a week full of planning and outlining all the things that you should do before the holiday strikes. This weekly Christmas spread will help you the ease the task and will improve your creativity and reduce the stress out of you.

Cluttered Box Theme

christmas bujo decor
Made wonderfully by marychristensencooper

This cluttered box theme is perfect for those folks who have so much to do this holiday season. You can easily sort all the stuffs you want to do and fill those cute gift boxes.

Elegant December Weekly Spread

christmas bujo glitters
Passionately-made by essjay_florals

This weekly spread doesn’t require too much designs you can ever think of. Sometimes, less is definitely more. Plan out your whole week of December with this elegant weekly spread.

Christmas Netflix Spread

christmas bujo netflix
Passionately-made by catchysketchy.art

Christmas is also the day where you can watch a lot of holiday movies. But you can watch all movies and shows you want and list them all up on this cute Netflix spread.

Cute Christmas Quote

christmas quote bujo
Made with love by bulletbybea

We all hear this famous song lyrics every year when holiday season approaches. Get this cute Christmas quote and place it on your bullet journal cover page. The design of it will never let you down.

December Monthly Spread

christmas bujo ideas
Passionately-made by bullet_journallingg

List down all the things you want to achieve for the whole month of December with this freshly-designed monthly spread. Keep track of the things you love, some important stuffs to remember, and all the goals to score!

Santa Clause Habit Tracker

santa clause bujo
Passionately-made by bullet_journallingg

I love this cool Santa Clause habit tracker theme because it shows the fun side of him. And also, you’ll be able to track your December habits by doing calligraphy, watching TV, and by simply reading good old books.

Fully-Loaded December Weekly Spread

christmas village bujo
Passionately-made by bullet_journallingg

I told you, December will be going to be very busy. So, this weekly spread will help get things done with ease and organized. And the design is so pretty cool!

Elegant December Front Cover

Passionately-made by bullet_journallingg

Whether you’re new or been started to bullet journaling, this December cover page idea is something that you should go after. The serif-style ‘D’ is spot on and it really compliments well with the poinsettia flower underneath it.

The Jolly Christmas Doodle

christmas doodle bujo
Passionately-made by bullet_journallingg

Boost your creativity with these jolly Christmas doodle. You will need a colored pens, a journal, and more of creative ideas.

The Stocking Stuffers

christmas holiday bujo
Passionately-made by bullet_journallingg

Surprise someone by filling in their Christmas stockings with candies and a lot of sweets. You can list their names to your ‘Stocking Stuffers’ list.

Elegant Christmas Tree Quote

christmas bujo quote
Passionately-made by bullet_journallingg

Tis the season to start a making awesome Christmas doodles. I fell in love with these amazing Christmas tree with a quote about coffee. This Christmas doodle is for those who love holidays and coffee all at the same time.

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