Microsoft Clarity: New Free Analytics Tool Made Simple

microsoft clarity
Microsoft Clarity Homepage

Microsoft now publicly launched Microsoft Clarity and is now available to use with no charge, prior to it’s beta release last December 2018.

What is Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Clarity is an analytics product tailored to publishers and webmasters to fully improve and understand how users engage on their site. The built-in tools inside Microsoft Clarity will help website owners to inform about certain modifications they should implement on their site to improve performance and user experience.

Microsoft Clarity Statistics
Microsoft Clarity Stats

Microsoft Clarity is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

The platform is geared towards making things easy and simple. All data gathered from how your website perform can sometimes be overwhelming, but Clarity will handle it for you.

Clarity is designed to have a very low impact on page load times, so you can make sure users navigating to your site won’t have to wait for pages to load.  Additionally, we don’t place any caps on your traffic so whether you get 10 visitors per day or 1,000,000, Clarity will be able to handle your traffic with no additional cost for you. 


Features that you shouldn’t miss inside Clarity:

  • Session playbacks
  • Heatmap
  • Insights

Microsoft Clarity is a GDPR Compliant

According to Microsoft:

We are GDPR compliant as a data controller for visitors to our site and processor for the data gathered by the Clarity script on your site.

Who can use Microsoft Clarity?

Anyone who owns and manages a website can use Microsoft Clarity. Simply add a small piece of code and you’re good to go. Clarity will then start receiving data and how users engage on your site.

How to Get Started with Clarity?

To get started with Microsoft Clarity, hover on to and click on get started. A pop-up box will appear and add your new project.

Give your project a name, your website address, and the category that site belongs.

Your site will then be added to the project page. Click your project to get started.

To start getting stats inside your Clarity dashboard, simply copy and paste a small piece of code into your website. Or you can integrate your Google Analytics in Clarity.

It will take up to 2 hours and you will start seeing the data in your dashboard.

Voila, you can now use Microsoft Clarity!