How to Use Google Classroom (Google Classroom FAQ’s)

Google Classroom
Google Classroom FAQ’s: Everything You Need to Know

How well do you know Google Classroom? Do you know how to use it?

In this post, you will learn all things about Google Classroom and the important ways on how to use it especially for educators and learners.

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free online service offered by Google for schools with the primary aim of providing convenience when it comes to sharing materials between teachers and students.

Google Classroom has been a talk about since COVID-19 started to wreak the world. Now, millions of people shifted their gears to Google Classroom.

While physical meetings are currently prohibited, for schools, they’ve introduced into a new mode of learning.

Getting Started with Google Classroom
When was Google Classroom created?

Google Classroom was released on August 12, 2014. It was first announced on May 6, 2014. Only few can access Google Classroom at that time. It was on year 2015 when everyone can fully engage with the platform.

Where to find Google Classroom code?

If you are an educator, most of the time you are the one to send out Google classroom codes to your students. These codes serves as an invite to join them in your class.

Where to download Google Classroom?

You can easily download Google Classroom on the Google Play Store or you can access online thorough

Is Google Classroom free?

Yes, absolutely! You can use Google Classroom free of charge.

Where can I use Google Classroom?

If you are using a computer, you can use it through the web. If you’re using mobile or tablet, you can download the Google Classroom in the Play Store.

Are Google Classroom and Google Meet the same?

The two platforms differ from how it works and how it is used. In Google Classroom, anyone who’s in the class maybe able to submit their work within different file formats. Google Meet are used for live discussions like meetings, and most of the time can also be use for online classes.

Why Google Classroom couldn’t attach file?

This happens when you upload files that are too big or with an incompatible file format. Try to upload compressed files or with a supported file format.

Will Google Classroom work on iPad?

Google Classroom will work on any devices, including your iPad.

Can you make video calls with Google Classroom?

There is no video chat feature available on Google Classroom. If you wish to communicate someone through live call, you can use Google Meet instead.

Can you submit assignments on Google Classroom?

Yes, you can submit your assignment inside the Google Classroom. Depending on the instructions given to you, the way of making your assignment will vary.

How to view other people inside Google Classroom?

You can easily view who’s with you inside the class by hovering ‘People’ tab. There you will see who is your teacher, including your classmates and the total number of your class.