Windows Spotlight Quiz: Amazing Features You Need to Know

Windows Spotlight Quiz
Windows Spotlight Quiz: Amazing Features You Need to Know

What is Windows Spotlight Quiz?

Windows Spotlight Quiz is a lock screen feature from Microsoft that enables users to display breath-taking images from their default stock photos as well as taking a fun quiz randomly.

The featured images will change every single day, showing you stunning images that will surely add vibrant-feels to your sight.

This feature has been around for many years in Windows. As long as you have a Windows computer with you, you can access Windows Spotlight Quiz with ease.

How to Enable Windows Spotlight Quiz?

Enabling Windows Spotlight Quiz is not that hard to do. See instructions below on how to enable this feature.

  • Head ‘Start’ button.
  • Click the ‘Settings’ tab, the one with the gear icon.
  • Click ‘Personalization’, or you can search it directly on the Windows Settings.
  • Choose ‘Lock Screen’.
  • Choose ‘Windows Spotlight’ in the menu along side with other options.

Voila! You’re Windows Spotlight is now enabled.

Earn Rewards Playing Windows Spotlight Quiz

The best feature of Windows Spotlight Quiz is that you can earn rewards by taking up their quizzes. These quizzes may be selected in random or you can choose your quiz that you think you can ace it.

Quizzes featured by Bing is not that hard. But sometimes they are questions that will confuse you but in the end, it will benefit you from learning something new.

The rewards you can earn from playing these quizzes will let you redeem products and coupons in Microsoft Store.


Windows Spotlight Quiz are built for those folks that wants to do some side-hustle while doing something. If you’re thirsty of something new, then these Windows feature is best for you.

Aside from rewards you made by playing these quizzes, it’s a guarantee that after you close the tab, there’s something that you learn for that day.

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